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Lexan Knuckles – Plastic Knuckles by Another Name?

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Some sites which sell plastic knuckles sell them under the name “Lexan Knuckles,” so some folks may have difficulty finding them at all. But the real question, once you find them is this: are they the same thing?

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Yes and no. While all Lexan knuckles could correctly be called plastic knuckles, not all plastic knuckles are made of Lexan. Lexan, in case you are not familiar with it, is the brand name of a specific type of polycarbonate – the same type used in bulletproof glass! Of course, bulletproof glass contains several layers of polycarbonate plastic laminated together, so you can’t expect your Lexan knuckles to stop a bullet. The important takeaway here is that Lexan is a high-quality plastic, so you can trust that it will not break or otherwise let you down in your moment of need. It is for this reason that we here at only recommend plastic knuckles made of Lexan.

Lexan knuckles also come in several color options which aren’t offered by other companies who do not use actual Lexan. Brass Knuckles Nation carries Lexan knuckles in red, blue, green, gold, burgundy and of course, basic black. They also carry three different styles, shown below for clarification:




Knockout Knucks also carries Lexan knuckles. They offer the same three models as above (though instead of labeling the largest model Hercules or Super, they call them “Mega” and “Destroyer”), as well as these see-through beauties, which are their most popular model:

As you can see, the difference in quality and heft to this particular model is obvious and visible. To me, these look more like lucite than Lexan, and the Lexan is noticeably thicker as well. Most importantly, they’re only a couple dollars more than their most basic model, which puts them firmly within reach of anyone looking to defend themselves or their family.